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Development Tasks

The following tasks are things that I'd like to do to the site. I don't expect anyone to be interested, or astounded by them, but since I needed to keep a to do list of things for the site anyway, I figured why not keep it on the site.

To Do

  • Write a back-end tool that autogenerates the menu navigation
  • Write a bug logging form
  • Add a known issues page, perhaps one per browser/OS combination
  • Add the ability to toggle the display of menus
  • Add the ability to toggle the display of other elements
  • Add a description to each page, indicating how it should display, make this a toggleable element
  • Write a new database enabled DVD listing page
  • Link the DVD listing page to the IMDb
  • Consider adding some graphical elements to the site
  • Test the site with aural browsers if I can find one
  • Add links to relevant sections of w3c
  • Add classes to all links, to indicate where they are internal or external based links
  • Write a script to parse the site, and compile a list of all internal and external links for a site map
  • Evaluate if adding an index to the site is feasible or worthwhile or both
  • Start compiling some sort of list of pages worth visiting
  • Start compiling a list of reference pages/sites
  • http://dictionary.reference.com/help/linking/
  • http://www.terminalcitygamers.com/index.html
  • http://www.drexollgames.com/
  • http://mypage.direct.ca/r/rulegal/fricket.html
  • House rules on formulating a plan...
  • http://www.burnabyphoto.com/default.html
  • http://www.yourhtmlsource.com/stylesheets/cssmediatypes.html
  • Add stuff about encryption...

In Progress

  • Determine the placement of the google search in the page layout
  • Start a thank you page, to thank people who have helped, or influenced the development of this site
Consider whether there are any affiliate programs which are worth joining


  • Add some sort of menu navigation
  • Added the ability to search IMDb on the DVD listing page, with an element that scrolls with you
  • Add public key
  • Update the DVD listing page
Added new code to improve the title of pages (e.g. the bookmark text) to include the base site, and the section. Also includes first pass at premitive cookie crumb navigation.
It's a VBScript (ASP) Include page
Add google search functionality to the site (shrink the google logo, so that it looks better)