F/X (1986)
Front Cover Actor
Bryan Brown Rolland 'Rollie' Tyler
Brian Dennehy Lt. Leo McCarthy, NYPD
Diane Venora Ellen Keyes
Cliff De Young Martn Llipton (aka Joe Lightner)
Mason Adams Col. Mason
Jerry Orbach Nicholas DeFranco
Joe Grifasi Det. Mickey Galeau
Martha Gehman Andy
Roscoe Orman Capt. Jake Wallenger
Trey Wilson Lt. Murdoch
Tom Noonan Varrick (Mason's henchman)
Paul D'Amato Gallagher (Mason's henchman)
Jossie DeGuzman Marisa Velez (as Jossie deGuzman)
Jean De Baer Agent Whitemore
M'el Dowd Joyce Lehman (Miss Lehman)
Tim Gallin William J. Adams
Patrick Stack Sgt. Littauer
John Doumanian The Director
Ray Iannicelli Charlie
Ed Crowley Ballistics expert (as Edward Crowley)
Gibby Brand Reporter #1
Jim Elliott Car impound attendant
Christopher Curry Mitchell (Mason's henchman)
Jim Lovelett McCoy (as James Lovelett)
George Kodisch Capt. Tolosa
Jim Cordes Capt. Watts
Richard Hayes State Trooper #1
Christopher McHale State Trooper #2
James Pickens Jr. Ambulance driver
Michael Fischetti State Police Chief
Angela Bassett TV reporter
Yolanda Lloyd Receptionist
Marvin Beck Medical Examiner
John McLoughlin State Trooper at hospital
Jim Babchak Trooper #3
Bernie Friedman Bum
Drummond Erskine Boathouse guard
Joe Pentangelo Police officer (as Joseph Pentangelo)
Gerald Campbell Doctor
Movie Details
Genre Action; Crime; Thriller
Director Robert Mandel
Producer Dodi Fayed; Jack Wiener
Writer Gregory Fleeman; Robert T. Megginson
Series F/X
Language English
Audience Rating R (Restricted)
Running Time 109 mins
Country USA
Color Color
"F/X" is Hollywood-speak for "special effects," those often-bloody tricks that fool us into believing a gun has been fired or a head has been blown off. Bryan Brown plays a freelance effects wizard who arrives for each job fully equipped in a customized truck, making it easy for him to roll from one gig into the next. Accepting a hefty chunk of change for one such job, Brown stages the death of a gangster for the Witness Protection Program. At least, that is what he is led to believe. Illusion, it turns out, is everything. Not knowing whom to trust or what to think, Brown soon finds himself playing a vicious game of cat and mouse with the bad guys. What gives this an added thrill is that Brown is not sure exactly who is the villain in his own personal mystery movie. It could be the gangster (Jerry Orbach), the government agents, or the police officer (Brian Dennehy) with whom he joins forces. Evenly paced and surprisingly cunning, this is will leave you guessing until the last squib has been fired. Brown and Dennehy were reunited less successfully in the 1991 sequel, F/X2. --Rochelle O'Gorman
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Seen It Yes
Index 60
In Collection Yes
Owner David Cowley
Product Details
Format DVD
Region Region 1
UPC 027616850782
Release Date 2002
Nr of Disks/Tapes 1
Extra Features
Color Widescreen Closed-captioned
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