Hannibal (2001)
Front Cover Actor
Anthony Hopkins Dr. Hannibal Lecter
Julianne Moore Agent Clarice Starling
Giancarlo Giannini Inspector Rinaldo Pazzi
Gary Oldman Mason Verger
Ray Liotta Paul Krendler
Frankie Faison Barney Matthews (as Frankie R. Faison)
Francesca Neri Allegra Pazzi
Zeljko Ivanek Dr. Cordell Doemling
Hazelle Goodman Evelda Drumgo
David Andrews FBI Agent Clint Pearsall
Francis Guinan FBI Director Noonan
James Opher DEA Agent Eldridge
Enrico Lo Verso Gnocco
Ivano Marescotti Carlo Deogracias
Fabrizio Gifuni Matteo Deogracias
Alex Corrado Piero
Marco Greco Tommaso
Robert Rietty Sogliato
Terry Serpico Officer Bolton
Boyd Kestner FBI Special Agent Hayden Burke
Peter Shaw FBI Agent John Brigham
Kent Linville Geoffrey the FBI Mail Boy
Don McManus Assistant Mayor Benny Holcombe
Harold Ginn Larkin Wayne
Ted Koch BATF Agent Sneed
William Powell-Blair FBI Agent (as Wm. Powell Blair)
Aaron Craig Il Mostro Detective
Andrea Piedimonte Agent Benetti
Ennio Coltorti Ricci
Ian Iwataki Young Boy in Plane
Mark Margolis Perfume Expert
Ajay Naidu Perfume Expert
Kelly Piper Perfume Expert
Bruce MacVittie FBI Tech/Lecter's Letter
Giannina Facio Verger's Fingerprint Technician
Andrew C. Boothby Police Officer
Kenneth W. Smith Police Sergeant
Judie Aronson News Reporter
Tom Trigo News Reporter
Sam Wells News Reporter
Movie Details
Genre Horror; Thriller
Director Ridley Scott
Producer Dino De Laurentiis; Martha Schumacher; Ridley Scott
Writer Thomas Harris; David Mamet; Steven Zaillian
Series Hannibal Lector
Language English
Audience Rating R (Restricted)
Running Time 131 mins
Country UK
Color Color
Yes, he's back, and he's still hungry. Ten years after The Silence of the Lambs, Dr. Hannibal "the Cannibal" Lecter (Anthony Hopkins, reprising his Oscar-winning role) is living the good life in Italy, studying art and sipping espresso. FBI agent Clarice Starling (Julianne Moore, replacing Jodie Foster), on the other hand, hasn't had it so good--an outsider from the start, she's now a quiet, moody loner who doesn't play bureaucratic games and suffers for it. A botched drug raid results in her demotion--and a request from Lecter's only living victim, Mason Verger (Gary Oldman, uncredited), for a little Q and A. Little does Clarice realize that the hideously deformed Verger--who, upon suggestion from Dr. Lecter, peeled off his own face--is using her as bait to lure Dr. Lecter out of hiding, quite certain he'll capture the good doctor.

Taking the basic plot contraptions from Thomas Harris's baroque novel, Hannibal is so stylistically different from its predecessor that it forces you to take it on its own terms. Director Ridley Scott gives the film a sleek, almost European look that lets you know that, unlike the first film (which was about the quintessentially American Clarice), this movie is all Hannibal. Does it work? Yes--but only up to a point. Scott adeptly sets up an atmosphere of foreboding, but it's all buildup for anticlimax, as Verger's plot for abducting Hannibal (and feeding him to man-eating wild boars) doesn't really deliver the requisite visceral thrills, and the much-ballyhooed climatic dinner sequence between Clarice, Dr. Lecter, and a third unlucky guest wobbles between parody and horror. Hopkins and Moore are both first-rate, but the film contrives to keep them as far apart as possible, when what made Silence so amazing was their interaction. When they do connect it's quite thrilling, but it's unfortunately too little too late. --Mark Englehart

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Edition Special Edition
Format DVD
Region Region 1
UPC 027616865403
Release Date 2002
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