Insomnia (2002)
Front Cover Actor
Al Pacino Detective Will Dormer
Hilary Swank Detective Ellie Burr
Robin Williams Walter 'Walt' Finch
Martin Donovan Detective Hap Eckhart
Oliver 'Ole' Zemen Pilot
Paul Dooley Chief Charlie Nyback
Nicky Katt Fred Duggar
Larry Holden Farrell
Jay Brazeau Francis
Lorne Cardinal Rich
James Hutson Officer #1
Andrew Campbell Officer #2
Paula Shaw Coroner
Crystal Lowe Kay Connell
Tasha Simms Mrs. Connell
Maura Tierney Rachel Clement
Jonathan Jackson Randy Stetz
Malcolm Boddington Principal
Katharine Isabelle Tanya Francke
Kerry Sandomirsky Trish Eckhart
Chris Gauthier Uniformed Officer (as Chris Guthior)
Ian Tracey Warfield
Kate Robbins Woman on the Road
Emily Perkins Girl at Funeral (as Emily Jane Perkins)
Dean Wray Ticket Taker
Movie Details
Genre Crime; Drama; Thriller
Director Christopher Nolan
Producer Broderick Johnson; Paul Junger Witt; Edward McDonnell
Writer Nikolaj Frobenius; Erik Skjoldbjærg; Hillary Seitz
Language English
Audience Rating R (Restricted)
Running Time 118 mins
Country USA
Color Color
As a more conventional follow-up to his innovative thriller Memento, Christopher Nolan's Insomnia offers ample proof that his skills are genuine. A superbly crafted remake of the 1997 Norwegian thriller, this moody police procedural is transplanted to a remote Alaskan town, where a veteran Los Angeles detective (Al Pacino) arrives to investigate the murder of a teenaged girl. Professional tragedy collides with psychological turmoil as the detective suffers from sleeplessness under the region's perpetual daylight, and a local rookie cop (Hilary Swank) begins to suspect that truths are being hidden as the disturbing case unfolds. While the Alaskan setting intensifies the atmospheric mystery, Pacino's bleary-eyed disorientation adds a rich layer to his character's erratic behavior, and the casting of Robin Williams as the killer was a risk that pays off nicely. In many respects better than the original, Insomnia is a Hollywood remake that's refreshingly free of compromise. --Jeff Shannon
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Index 72
In Collection Yes
Owner David Cowley
Product Details
Edition Widescreen Edition
Format DVD
Region Region 1
UPC 085392330720
Release Date 2003
Nr of Disks/Tapes 1
Extra Features
Color Closed-captioned Widescreen
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