The Negotiator (1998)
Front Cover Actor
Samuel L. Jackson Lt. Danny Roman
Kevin Spacey Lt. Chris Sabian
David Morse Cmdr. Adam Beck
Ron Rifkin Cmdr. Grant Frost
John Spencer Chief Al Travis
J.T. Walsh Insp. Terence Niebaum
Siobhan Fallon Maggie
Paul Giamatti Rudy Timmons
Regina Taylor Karen Roman
Bruce Beatty Markus
Michael Cudlitz Palermo
Carlos Gómez Eagle
Tim Kelleher Argento
Dean Norris Scott
Nestor Serrano Hellman
Doug Spinuzza Tomray
Leonard L. Thomas Allen
Stephen Lee Farley
Lily Nicksay Omar's Daughter
Lauri Johnson Chief's Wife
Sabi Dorr Bartender
Gene Wolande Morewitz
Rhonda Dotson Linda Roenick
Donald Korte Officer at Funeral
Anthony T. Petrusonis Officer at Funeral
John McDonald Pipes and Dreams Leader
Jack McLaughlin-Gray Priest (as Jack McLaughlin Gray)
John Lordan Linda's Attorney
Jack Shearer Dist. Atty. Young
Donna Ponterotto Secretary
Michael Shamus Wiles Taylor
Mik Scriba Bell
Joey Perillo Technician #1
Mary Page Keller Lisa Sabian
Kelsey Mulrooney Stacy Sabian
Brad Blaisdell FBI Agent Grey
Bruce Wright FBI Agent Moran
Robert David Hall Sgt. Cale Wangro
Guy Van Swearingen Officer
Bernard Hocke Sniper
Movie Details
Genre Action; Drama; Thriller
Director F. Gary Gray
Producer David Hoberman; Arnon Milchan
Writer James DeMonaco; Kevin Fox
Language English
Audience Rating R (Restricted)
Running Time 139 mins
Country USA
Color Color
Although it eventually runs out of smart ideas and resorts to a typically explosive finale, this above-average thriller rises above its formulaic limitations on the strength of powerful performances by Samuel L. Jackson and Kevin Spacey. Both play Chicago police negotiators with hotshot reputations, but when Jackson's character finds himself falsely accused of embezzling funds from a police pension fund, he's so thoroughly framed that he must take extreme measures to prove his innocence. He takes hostages in police headquarters to buy time and plan his strategy, demanding that Spacey be brought in to mediate with him as an army of cops threatens to attack, and a media circus ensues. Both negotiators know how to get into the other man's thoughts, and this intellectual showdown allows both Spacey and Jackson to ignite the screen with a burst of volatile intensity. Director F. Gary Gray is disadvantaged by an otherwise predictable screenplay, but he has a knack for building suspense and is generous to a fine supporting cast, including Paul Giamatti as one of Jackson's high-strung hostages, and the late J.T. Walsh in what would sadly be his final big-screen role. The movie should have trusted its compelling characters a little more, probing their psyches more intensely to give the suspense a deeper dramatic foundation, but it's good enough to give two great actors a chance to strut their stuff. --Jeff Shannon
Personal Details
Seen It Yes
Index 94
In Collection Yes
Owner David Cowley
Product Details
Format DVD
Region Region 1
UPC 085391675020
Release Date 2003
Nr of Disks/Tapes 1
Extra Features
Color Closed-captioned Widescreen
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