O (2000)
Front Cover Actor
Mekhi Phifer Odin James
Josh Hartnett Hugo Goulding
Julia Stiles Desi Brable
Elden Henson Roger Rodriguez
Andrew Keegan Michael Casio
Rain Phoenix Emily
John Heard Dean Brable
Chris Freihofer Assistant Coach
Martin Sheen Coach Dale Goulding
A.J. Johnson Dell
Christopher Dong Dutchman Player
Rachel Schumate Brandy
Marshall Gitter Radio Announcer
Lisa Benavides Ms. Serney
Ken French Scout #1
Dana Ratliff T. V. Announcer
Christopher Jones Jason
Ronalda Stover Woman Score Keeper
Kelvin O'Bryant Ball Boy
Jack "Jay" Munn Lanny
Mike Flippo Mr. Bradley
James Middleton Cop
Julie Fishell Newscaster
Wally Welch Mr. Kirby
Zack David Basketball Player (Hawks)
James Galloway Basketball Player (Hawks)
Michael Givens Basketball Player (Hawks)
Chase Page Basketball Player (Hawks)
Rick Streeter Basketball Player (Hawks)
Doug Ayers Basketball Player (Hawks)
Dal Conner Basketball Player (Dutchmen)
David Dooley Basketball Player (Dutchmen)
Justin Ferira Basketball Player (Dutchmen)
Jaime Ingram Basketball Player (Dutchmen)
Jantz Baker Basketball Player (Titans)
Jerred Clarke Basketball Player (Titans)
Christopher Grooms Basketball Player (Titans)
Shawn Hill Basketball Player (Titans)
Parker Kirby Basketball Player (Titans)
Sean Murphy Basketball Player (Titans)
Anthony Johnson Dell (as AJ Johnson)
Chris Dong Dutchman Player
Rachel Shumate Brandy
Jay Munn Lanny (as Jack 'Jay' Munn)
Michael Flippo Mr. Bradley (as Mike Flippo)
Zac David Hawks player
Movie Details
Genre Drama
Director Tim Blake Nelson
Producer Daniel Fried; Eric Gitter; Anthony Rhulen
Writer William Shakespeare; Brad Kaaya
Studio Lions Gate Films
Series Shakespeare
Language English
Audience Rating R
Running Time 95 mins
Country USA
Color Color
A modernized retelling of William Shakespeare's Othello , O changes its setting to an elite private school in the American South. Odin ( Mekhi Phifer ) is the only black student at Palmetto Grove and also the star basketball player, with hopes of reaching the NBA. A popular student, he is dating Desi Brable ( Julia Stiles ), the daughter of the school's dean ( John Heard ), and they are deeply devoted to each other despite their different backgrounds. His best friend Hugo ( Josh Hartnett ) is a starter on the basketball team, and the son of the hard-driving coach Duke Goulding ( Martin Sheen ), who considers Odin as much his son as Hugo. Hugo is jealous of Odin's widespread popularity, so he hatches a scheme to ruin Odin's reputation with the help of Roger ( Elden Henson ), his rich roommate who will do anything to be popular and get Desi's attention. Through carefully planned revenge, he begins to make Odin believe that Desi is carrying out an affair with teammate Michael ( Andrew Keegan ). As Odin begins to receive merely coincidental signs to prove it, he begins to slowly lose his grounding and turns to Hugo for help, not knowing that he is being set up. As the basketball season comes to a close, Odin's jealousy begins to consume him, resulting in the loss of everything he cares about the most. O was sometime actor Tim Blake Nelson 's directorial follow-up to his well-received debut Eye of God . — Jason Clark
Personal Details
Seen It Yes
Index 108
In Collection Yes
Owner David Cowley
Product Details
Format DVD
Region Region 1
Release Date 2003
Nr of Disks/Tapes 1
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