We have been playing the Deluxe Edition of Illuminati.

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Alternate Rules

Alternate rules, which we have added to try to spice things up a little.

Pick your Illuminati

In this variant, each player gets to pick which Illuminati they want to play.

Roll both dice to see who picks first (highest roll). The winner of the roll has two choices: (1) Pick first, but start last, or (2) Pick last, start first.

If the winner of the roll decides to pick first, they pick their Illuminati (they claim it, as they are face up). Choosing Illuminati continues CLOCKWISE (left) around the table until all players have selected their Illuminati. Play then starts with the player to the right (COUNTER CLOCKWISE) and continues COUNTER CLOCKWISE as normal.

If however the winner of the roll decides to play first, they pick last. So the person to their left (CLOCKWISE) gets to pick their Illuminati first, with choosing continuing CLOCKWISE, until all players have chosen their Illuminati. The high roller should end up having last pick. After they pick, they start the game, and play continues COUNTER CLOCKWISE as normal.

NOTE: Only the player with the highest roll gets the option to choose between having first choice of Illuminati and starting the game. All other players must pick/play in sequence as defined above. This gives the "winner" of the roll the ability to define their reward.

History: Played July 27th, 2003. Four players. Play order: Jeff [Gnomes], Karin [UFO - Assasins], Dave [Network], Walter [Bavarian]. Winner of roll: Jeff. Elected to: Play first. Victory: Shared (Walter, Jeff). Finishing move: Jeff selling Commis to Walter for 37 MB.

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