We have been playing the basic 3-4 player version of Settlers of Catan.

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Mayfair Games: http://www.mayfairgames.com/

The Settlers of Catan page: http://www.mayfairgames.com/mfg-cat/soc/0483-00.htm

Resources and FAQ: http://www.universityofcatan.com/

House Rules

Official Errata


Alternate Rules

Alternate rules, which we have added to try to spice things up a little.

Beginner's Game

Beginner's Game, played as defined in the rules. History: Played January 17th, 2004. Three players. Play order: David [oldest] (Blue), Jeff (White), Walter (Orange). Victory: Walter.

Beginner's Game board, choose starting location. History: Played January 17th, 2004. Four players. Play order: Walter [highest roll] (Orange), David (Blue), Jeff (Orange), Karin (Red). Victory: Karin.

Variable Game Board

Standard variable board setup as defined in the game alminac. History:

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