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Nov. 4, 2004: Modified the dimensions of the content and menu sections, I think it looks better. Also mocked up the Games page with a submenu, to see how I liked it. That's probably it for a bit, until I decide how I want to handle all the back-end logic and infrastructure.

Nov. 4, 2004: So the site is moving to a new template. I'll be tweaking it on the main page for a couple of days, and when I'm happy with the look, I'll roll it out to the rest of the site, which will likely remain in the old template until then.

If you are at this site, you have way too much free time. This site is not intended to be entertaining to others, nor do I expect there to be some sort of mass histaria about its existence. It exists only as my own little sandbox, where I make no illusions about providing useful or meaningful content for anyone other than myself. I suppose you're welcome to poke around, but don't expect much.

For the first time since it was created this site is undergoing active development. As such the stability of the site will likely be questionable for quite sometime. If for whatever reason you are interested in the development tasks I have set myself, feel free to follow the preceeding link.

Some sites which are more worthy of a visit:

In the event that anyone out there feels the need to correspond with me, please do so using this e-mail address: dcowley@sfu.ca And if at all possible, encrypt it using my public key. This key is PGP which is a method for signing and encryptin messages. For more information check the following sites (its free): Canada or US, ROW